Get Your Date

Contact us at least 6 months prior to reserve a date and begin meeting with the Pastor, Sponsor Couple and to take the Diocesan Marriage Course.

Marriage Course

Please visit the Diocese of St. Cloud Marriage Preparation Course


Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.


Additional Information

An initial inventory with the pastor.
The weekend Marriage Course sponsored by the Diocese of St. Cloud.
Meetings with a diocesan trained Sponsor Couple to review the diocesan approved Fully Engaged booklet and inventory.
Wedding planning with the wedding presider and music minister.


  • Flowers may be placed on the steps surrounding the altar area, but not in front of the altar.
  • Nothing is placed on the altar.
  • Always use drip free candles in your decorations.
  • Plants, candles and other decorations already in place in the church must remain as they are.
  • Never move chairs, candles altar, ambo or piano.
  • Bird-seed, rice, confetti or bubbles are not allowed.
  • All flowers, plants or trees must be real; artificial flowers are not allowed.
  • Do not use adhesive tapes to attach pew bows.

Dressing rooms

  • There is a room provided for all dressing and personal grooming.
  • Please be sure it is left in good condition with all belongings and trash removed immediately following the liturgy.
  • All snack and beverage items must be kept in the dressing room.
  • The bride and bridesmaids should be in the choir loft no less than 20 minutes before liturgy.
  • The groom and groomsmen are to be in the entry on the south side of church.

Photography & Videography

  • The church is available for pictures two (2) hours prior to the wedding.
  • Flash photography not permitted during the wedding liturgy; please tell your family and friends.
  • The photographer may not move about the church during the wedding liturgy.
  • A good place to videotape is from the pews on the south side or in the balcony.


  • Instruct your ushers to remove all decorations right after the wedding.
  • They should check all pews for programs and personal belongings right after the wedding.
  • There is a dumpster behind school.

Other Items

  • The church building and the grounds are smoke free and alcohol free.
  • Please refrain from gum chewing in the church building.
  • The church is at all times a place of worship; it is a sacred space, a place of prayer.


  • A planning session with a parish music director is required.
  • All music must be approved three (3) months prior to the wedding date.
  • No recorded music is allowed before or during the wedding liturgy.


  • The expected offering is $200.00 for the use of the worship space and upkeep of the church. Some couples like to make a separate offering to the presider in appreciation for their services. In determining the appropriate amount, take into consideration the number of hours spent in meeting with you, preparing documents, homily presentation as well as the liturgy itself. Individual fees are to be negotiated with musicians.

Thank You!

Thank you for complying with our policies and keeping our church sacred.

~The Liturgy Committee